Author: Dikran Ornekian and Rylend Grant

Dikran & Rylend have been working together and making their living as screenwriters for several years now. They’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the top directors, producers and stars in the business, though not fortunate enough to see any of their screenplays actually get produced. The desire to have their work seen by an audience outside of Hollywood led them to write their first short story, THIEF COACH, published by Mulholland Books and Popcorn Fiction. The film rights to THIEF COACH sparked a bidding war and were ultimately sold to Justin Lin’s (director of Fast & Furious 3-6) production company, Perfect Storm Entertainment. Dikran & Rylend are currently adapting the story into a script for Lin to direct.
Dikran also co-wrote HARBOR MOON, a graphic novel published by Arcana Studio.