Submission Guidelines

We aim to bring you gritty and interesting short fiction across multiple genres from a range of talented writers. We are looking for bank robberies gone bad, double-crossing bastards going at it, serial killers with a heart (maybe literally), redemption and revenge. We like it violent, thoughtful and well written. We will consider other genres such as western, science fiction and maybe fantasy, as long as they fit in with the grit theme we are looking for. Please take the time to edit— look over your story for spelling, grammar, and flow.  We want to publish you. If it’s good but needs work we’ll let you know, if you don’t like criticism and are happy to stay as you are, then don’t submit.  As we said, we like to publish you and will offer help with advice.

Submission guidelines:

Submit a well-written story of  3,000 words or less. Post the title of the story and the word count in the subject line. The story must be attached as a .doc or .docx — if submitted in any other fashion the story will not be considered. Also, please provide a short bio along with your submission.

Send your story to the following email address:

If you have any problems with feedback, please get in touch with Craig.  He can be contacted on


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