Submission Guidelines

Our aim is simply to bring you gritty and interesting short fiction across multiple genres from a range of talented writers.

Our submission guidelines are simple. Send your story to one of the following email addresses : or

The submission word count  should be more than 500 and under 5,000.  We favour punchy fiction. We will also accept serializations. We prefer previously unpublished work where possible. There is no payment for publication just the kudos of appearing on a great fiction site.  Please send your file in .doc format.  Multiple submissions are welcome, if you have them.


18 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Can you clarify exploitation of children please? I started a story which revolves around avenging the attempted murder of a child. Unacceptable? Or, acceptable provided I don’t use details surrounding child? (NO sexuality involved in any way.)

  2. Hello, I sent a submission on Feb 7th and was wondering if you had received it? It’s titled Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Hector,

      Sorry for the delay – we’ve been busy with other projects and we are now working through submissions. Your work is being considered,


  3. Hi. In your guidelines you specify more than 500 words, but is there a word cap. What is the longest story you will consider.

    Also, I’m curious about serialization: would this refer to longer short stories that are serialized in your publication, or will you consider publishing serialized novels or novellas?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Marc,

      We accept short stories, no serialisations though we did when we started. As for word caps, I’d say a 5,000 word cap on the stories. We would prefer nothing that has been published in the past,

      Hope this helps Marc,


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