Near To The Knuckle is 6 soon, so we’re going to celebrate by having a short story competition.

All we want is compelling, flawed and interesting characters, plots that will run circles around us, twists that will keep us guessing and dialogue that is both original and natural.  Keep it under 1000 words and we’d like your submissions in by the 20th October.  We will then announce a winner by the 30th October.

We said you’d be published and we’re not lying.  We’ll have your winning story on the website and we’ll also put it into our next collection of short stories.

In the past we’ve gone ahead and not charged, but in this case we’re going to put an entry fee of $1.20 or £1 or equivalent in your currency.  Payable to via Paypal.

Genre?  Near To The Knuckle is Crime Noir at its heart, but we won’t mind if you add a little supernatural to the mix as we’re close to halloween this time of the year.

If you’ve any questions, just forward them to me, Craig Douglas at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.