Near To The Knuckle Services

Near To The Knuckle Services

We know how difficult it is to get your work out there in the big wide world, because we’ve been there. We are providing you the chance to get your work onto the main outlets in either print or digital format. We’re not expensive, in fact you will find our rates competitive and our service fast and efficient.

Our aim is simple. To provide the means for new and talented authors like YOU to get their work into the mainstream market. We know your work deserves this.

Here’s what authors have said about our services:

I asked Craig to convert a lengthy, academic book from my backlist, complicated by endnotes and a substantial bibliography. I think this was a new experience for us both: it has turned out a complete success. The job was delivered well within the schedule and at a very competitive price. Craig was a pleasure to work with, very competent and extremely tolerant of someone with almost no understanding of the process. Questions were answered immediately, requests were taken on board, and I was informed of progress on a daily basis. The result is a rejuvenated book and one wholly satisfied customer. That I would ask him to convert other titles goes without saying.

– Jonathon Green, author of Chasing the Sun

Craig Douglas converted my book, Without Apology, into a Kindle file and the end result was spectacular! All of the formatting for the different fonts and special symbols were very beautifully done. He does Kindle file conversions better than Amazon Kindle Publishing does!.

– Jacqueline Homan

I worked with Craig on two of my books, one that was already published and one that was about to be. His work was both professional and artistic in quality. I highly recommend him to anyone who is publishing an ebook if they want it to come out with the formatting that puts it on the same level as any major publishers ebook!

– Daniel Peyton

As an author of children’s books that use many digital pictures and text I had issues formatting it for kindle distribution. Mr. Douglas willing accepted my word document and painstakingly converted everything into the proper format so that it was fully compatible with kindle. He kept me abreast of his progress on a daily basis and his turn around time was unbeatable. He returned a fully formatted book that looks good on all digital devices and I will certainly use his services again in the future for my digital books.

– Katie Mettner

Craig Douglas provided an invaluable service to me in readying my first short story for publication at Amazon. I had no idea of the challenges involved in formatting such a book. What I presented him was a raw short story and cover; what he sent back was a clean, crisply laid-out and easy to read Kindle book. Craig was patient and professional throughout, taking the time to answer questions I had about the process. I was more than satisfied and would recommend his services to anyone interested in self-publishing.

– Walter Conley



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