Ropes Over The Rafters (A Whoville Story)

October 8, 2012 10 By A.J. Hayes
Listen instead

Listen instead

Hey look, don’t blame me.
The raw material was
already there. In words
carefully crafted.
You chose them with care:
“You know, a bit of adultery,
slippery and wet, just
might make our marriage a much
stronger bet.”
She was your best friend
and I always said
she’d be a real hellion,
a wildcat in bed.
Until today I thought you
meant threesome
or maybe me and her
in our own little twosome.
It never occurred you meant
her in a yousome.
Now that I’ve caught you
I feel like a jerk.
I’ll loosen your nooses when
I come back from work.

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A.J. Hayes

A.J. Hayes

AJ Hayes lived in Southern California and admired the citizens of that particular patch of crazy a lot. They were a never ending source of WTF! Fiction was an art that puzzled him but - against the advice of friends and family - he kept tryin'.
+++++AJ's stories and poems appeared in A Twist of Noir, Yellow Mama and Muse, Title Fights, Acorn Review, Flashshot, The Hard Nosed Sleuth, Shotgun Honey, Apollo's Lyre and Black Heart Magazine's Noir Issue.

Sadly, AJ passed away in early March 2014. RIP.
A.J. Hayes

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