Q&A with B R Stateham

Q&A with B R Stateham

January 2, 2019 0 By B.R. Stateham

CTTB: Your latest book, Dark Retribution: Smitty’s Calling Card , the protagonist is a policeman willing to do anything to protect his family, including hiring a hitman.

If you discovered a serial killer was stalking your family, how would you take action? Contact law enforcement, hire private security, use a family member as bait and take them out yourself, or hire a hitman?

BRS: This last summer my family and I had a series of confrontations with a person who verbally abused family members and threatened physical violence. A scary situation for all involved. Twice I had to face the threat directly, which included compelling me to involve the police. Therefore my answer to this question would be direct confrontation and police involvement. As a struggling writer, I’m not quite there yet in affording the luxury of hiring a personal hit man. That only happens in my writing.

CTTB: You receive a letter from a reader who is furious with you because the book didn’t end how they expected. The beginning was misleading! You tricked him! It was supposed to end LIKE THIS!

What is your reply? Don’t give away the killer ending, of course!

BRS: Whenever I write a thriller/suspense novel, I strive to throw in the unusual. Or the unexpected. As I build the story I make an effort to throw in a number of alternative possible endings a reader might anticipate. I call that building up the suspense. In Dark Retribution, it’s a fast paced build up to a physical explosion of competing emotions. But one which has a very unusual, and very dark, ending. An ending which, one could conclude, is not an ending at all; but actually more like ‘the end of the beginning.’

Or so I hope.

Dark Retribution : Smitty’s Calling Card  is available in the Amazon store now. In PAPERBACK and in KINDLE.

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B.R. Stateham is a sixty-seven year old boy who never grew up. A long-time contributor to Near to the Knuckle, he writes stories featuring a number of different characters who have come to life on these pages. And, come to think of it; some people have actually enjoyed reading them!
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