An interview with Paul Heatley – An Eye For An Eye

August 1, 2018 0 By News

NTTK: In your book “An Eye for An Eye” the patriarch of one of Newcastle’s crime families goes on the war path to find the person that permanently – accidentally – disfigured Jasmine Doyle. You seem to know a lot about organized crime in Newcastle. Is that from research, being a fan of mob stories, or are you secretly leading a double life?

PH: Ha, not quite a double life! Not outside of mild-mannered book seller by day, ultra-violent author by night. Most of my knowledge of Newcastle’s crime comes from research – true crime books, local news websites, that kind of thing. It’s not something I’ve ever got caught up in myself, and from what I’ve read not something I’d want to outside of writing fiction about it.

NTTK: You are kidnapped by an old woman in an expensive suit. Gun held tight against your face, she demands to know why you killed a certain character. Who is she talking about, and why did you have them killed?

PH: All right, SPOILER on this one – she wants to know why Graeme kills Daniel at the end instead of letting him go. And the answer is, it was the only mercy Graeme could show him. In the course of the search for Daniel his immediate family were wiped out, he had no one else and nowhere to go, and Graeme giving him a quiet, peaceful end smothering him was far better than what Neil Doyle had planned for him.


Paul Heatley – Bio

Paul Heatley’s stories have appeared online and in print for a variety of publications including Thuglit, Spelk, Crime Syndicate, HandJob, Horror Sleaze Trash, and Shotgun Honey, among others. He is the author of six novellas available for Kindle from Amazon, and is a regular contributor to R2 Magazine. He lives in the north east of England.

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