A Very Blind Date

Listen instead
Listen instead

I followed the mark to Finelli’s, a nice Italian restaurant. I paused when he entered and watched him take a seat at the bar. I decided to lay back a few minutes to observe and watch him. I knew that tonight he was going on a blind date with Racheal and that he’s never seen her, that’s hard to believe in the age of social media. Dinner and a movie were his plans, how quaint.
+++++I knew everything about him. You’d think an accountant who worked on a high profile client’s files all day long would be more secure with his own personal computer. It had been relatively easy to hack, even remotely. Of course not being careful is what put him on my radar in the first place.
+++++He looked nervous. I’ve been on a few blind dates and know exactly what he’s thinking. What if we don’t click? What is she’s ugly? How can I bail if she is? He probably has a friend ready to call in an hour to save his ass. They think they are being smart but the date always knows. It doesn’t matter he’ll be dead before morning.


Ben spotted her immediately when she stepped into the bar. She was dressed just as their mutual friend Sally had said she would be, wearing a red dress. She wore her hair in a ponytail, casual. Ben stood as she approached the bar.
+++++“You must be Rachael.”
+++++“Yes, so nice to meet you.”
+++++“Would you like something to drink? Our table will be ready in a few minutes.”
+++++“Sure, I’ll have what you’re having,” she said pointing to the Heineken in front of him.


Introductions made, and pleasantries exchanged, things seemed to be going smoothly. Listening to Ben I could tell his nervousness had quickly passed. He was articulate and charming. In another life we might even be friends, but business is business.


“Sally tells me you’re in finance.”
+++++“Stock market?”
+++++“No, nothing as fancy as that, I’m just a lowly accountant at Waterhouse and Banks.”
+++++“I’ve never heard of them.”
+++++“It’s a small firm with only one client. We handle everything involving the family’s money.”


Subtle. If only he could have been that subtle about his client all the time he wouldn’t be in this situation. Dinner went smoothly. He ordered two Prime Rib salads, good choice; he even ordered a nice bottle of wine, not the cheap stuff.
+++++It was a short walk to the theater. The cool evening air made it comfortable. He chose a chick flick. He’s really trying to impress. I’d seen the trailer and even though it wasn’t the type of movie I’d normally watch it didn’t look too bad.
+++++The theater was only half full. He started toward the front and paused, finally settling on seats near the rear. This was going to be easier than I’d planned. Half way through the movie and it was time to make my move, I scanned the dark theater. All eyes were on the screen.


“Excuse me but I need to use the restroom,” I whispered to Ben and stood. I stepped behind him and with a quick snap my blade flicked opened. Before Ben could turn around I grabbed his head with one hand and with the other jammed the six inch stiletto into the base of his skull, thrusting upward. He died almost instantly.
+++++All eyes were still on the screen, no one noticed me, the woman in red standing near the rear with a knife in her hand.
+++++I squeezed my way past Ben and took my seat next to him. Blind dates are usually disastrous but this one had gone well. Dinner was delicious; the walk was pleasant. Leaning down I whispered, “This is the best blind date I’ve ever been on thank you.”
+++++I gently propped his head up so he looked like he was sleeping, had some popcorn and finished the movie. It was really quite good.

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Donald Glass

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