Gritfiction Ltd – The Next Step

Gritfiction Ltd – The Next Step

December 9, 2014 1 By Craig Douglas

Craig and myself have been co-running blogs since 2008. We also cannot discount the contributions made by Pete Sortwell, who introduced me to Craig and the fantastic world of the eclectic blog that was Close To The Bone.
+++++Pete left us and became the publishing phenomenon that he is with his hugely successful comedy books. Craig and myself had a decision to make following the closure of the Close to the Bone blog – due to it being hacked in oblivion. We decided to uproot ourselves, move over to a new site and create a fiction site which featured the kind of people that used to contribute to the CTTB blog. These people were unafraid to be bold in their writing. Unafraid to write it like it is, with no frills.
+++++2014 saw the release of our first anthology: Gloves Off which featured the talents of a number of very talented contributors to our site. A full list of contributors cans be found on the Amazon listing:

Near2TheKnuckle presents Gloves Off Anthology

As I write this we are working on the second anthology – Rogue. There’s already half a dozen confirmed slots and if you want in you’ll have to be quick with your submission. We’re very pleased that it will feature some new contributors to the site.
+++++After much discussion Craig and myself decided to take the plunge and go into the publishing game. Gritfiction Ltd will publish the kind of fiction that you see on our site – hard hitting and grittier than a gravel sandwich. We’ve signed up our first author, the very talented Aidan Thorn.
+++++Aidan has been an avid supporter of the site since the very start. He’s a wonderful and unselfish promoter of other writer’s and it has been our please to watch his talents grow. He has been published on most of the top crime related websites and his collection Criminal Thoughts is a must read and available on Amazon NOW. It has already garnered some great reviews.
+++++We will be publishing Aidan’s second collection of stories entitled Urban Decay, just as soon as we have it ready. I hope you will join us in congratulating Aidan on his continuing success. I don’t know about you but we’re bloody excited for the future!

Darren & Craig, December 2014.

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Craig Douglas
Craig Douglas spent most of his youth travelling around europe to various Forces locations as an Army Brat. He left school with no qualifications and joined the British regular Army as an Artillery Signaller. He completed 3 tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus, Iraq and Afghanistan. A tour of Afghanistan sparked his urge to write and he kept a diary during his time there. FIRE MISSION : The Diary of a Firing Sergeant in Afghanistan can be found on Amazon, in both print and for Kindle. Craig has published other short stories, some of whom have appeared in the Byker Book's Radge Packet series. Craig's first blogs appeared in 2011, when Dougie's World featured many non-politically correct topics. Close2TheBone was the sequel with Pete Sortwell and Darren Sant both writing posts for this. This was followed finally with Near2TheKnuckle and a shift in focus to presenting short stories in a professional format and giving voice to so many talented writers out there. Craig is a Health & Safety Trainer/Consultant working in the UK and lives in the home of odd shaped footballs: Rugby.
Craig Douglas

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