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Summer is for Lovers

Sweat loitered between her breasts. Pop music played softly from a radio in the corner. Using the back of awrist, she brushed the hair from her face and asked –
+++++“Just the two chocolate? Anything else?”
+++++“Just those.” His eyes flickered up. “You’re Josh Sampson’s kid.” She remembered why the couple looked familiar. The man leaned in towards her. “The boss’s daughter.” Slowly, a smile broke his face apart. The wife, overweight with messy hair,kept her eyes on the floor.
+++++Candace let her tongue run along her lips, looked him in the eyes.Her shirt clung to her like candy in the heat. The curve of her ice cream scoop rolled the chocolate into a perfect ball. Shehanded him the first cone and let her fingers linger on his. She meant to hand the second cone to the wife but he grabbed that one too, pretended to drop it. She giggled. He tipped her a five, too much.
+++++“See you around.” The wife never looked up, not even as the bells jingled on their way out of the shop. A seagull squawked outside and Candace paused for a minute, watching them walk to their car.
+++++Why is your wife so fat, she wanted to ask him when he showed up again three days later. He slipped her his card. Sampson’s Marina, it read. JohnMarles, Dock 4.
+++++She met him late one night a week after that, after she closed the ice cream shop. He brought her to an abandoned building downtown.Huge metal letters were bracketed to the bricks lining the rumbled old building, K-W-R-X.
+++++“What is this place?” she asked. A glass wall behind them showcased hulking equipment no longer in use. The carpet, rough under her naked body, smelled like urine.He had kissed her, taken her clothes off slowly, screwed her there on the rug. They lay together now, but Candace wanted more.
+++++“It’s mine. I had a life before the marina.” He shifted his body to gaze down at her. “I ran this station, bought this building.”
+++++“What happened?” she didn’t really care.
+++++“Ran out of money.”
+++++“And now you’re a dock hand?” Candace grabbed his flaccid penis, put it in her mouth. He swatted her away, agitated. (Agitated? Who doesn’t want their dick sucked?)
+++++“Only job around.”
+++++“Why do you still have this building?” She was getting bored.
+++++“I used everything I had to buy it outright. Been trying to sell it.”
+++++“It smells like urine.” She reached again for his penis; gave up. Rolling her eyes, she got up and started to dress. “It smells like piss!”
+++++“This station was my home.”
+++++“Your home is with a whale.” Obviously he didn’t want more sex. John Marles was pathetic.
+++++He glared. “Say that again?”
+++++“Your wife is a whale.”
+++++“Why are you doing this?” He stood up. She stared at him.
+++++“Doing what?” She slipped her feet into flip-flops and examined her hands. There was a callus on her index finger from the ice cream scoop.
+++++“You’re an asshole.”
+++++“So are you.”
+++++He spit on her.
+++++“What the fuck?” Candace wiped his saliva off her shoulder, smearing it in more than rubbing it off.
+++++“You little slut.” He shoved her and she fell on the floor, stunned. For a moment they locked eyes.
+++++She screamed. “You’re pathetic!”
+++++He shoved his legs into his jeans, kicked at her and stumbled a bit. She wasn’t laughing anymore. “Spoiled little bitch.”
+++++“Chubby chaser.” She hurled each word and wasn’t sure how they had got to this point, wasn’t sure if she was safe. “Pedophile.”
+++++“You’re nothing but a tease.” He was too close, right in her face. Candace was afraid to move. He started across the lobby, the skeletal remains of the station’s waiting room highlighting his silhouette. The heavy metal door slammed behind him. She remembered they hadn’t used a condom.
+++++His white socks lay alone in the corner. She considered, briefly, bringing them with her.