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November 2015 Newsletter

  • Foreword by Admin Team
  • Interview with Dave Jaggers
  • 4th Birthday Short Story Competition Winner!


IMG_0630“Welcome to our second Newsletter.  We hope you find these entertaining and any suggestions you might have are welcome.  This month we’ve seen The Straightener by Paul Heatley, A Dog’s Life by Steve Slavin, Train Wreck by Mark Mellon and Augustus Commands by B R Stateham.  Next month we’ve got another excellent line up from the likes of : Matt Mattila, Nathan Wunner, Tom Leins and Joseph H. Stryker. 
+++++“Remember we do additional services to help advertise your work for a reasonable fee of $3USD/£2 a week and a tweet Ad to 49,000 of my followers.  Darren is also doing Soundcloud audio bites for those who want 1000 words read out.  We also help get work published.  We have 2 Anthologies out in print and in kindle version.  We look forward to releasing Dave Jagger’s collection of short stories, Down In The Devil Hole on the 19th December 2015.”

darren dogWhat an exciting month it has been for Craig and myself. November saw the website’s fourth birthday and we decided to celebrate by running a best story competition. As usual and as expected our fantastic readership rose to the challenge and flooded our inbox with brilliant stories for us to judge. Thanks for making the decision such a difficult one!
+++++We were delighted to announce that we are publishing Dave Jagger’s fantastic collection of interlinked stories – Down in the Devil Hole in December. It’s a fantastic range of dark stories set in the kind of small community where dark deeds happen behind closed doors. All of the action takes place during the build up to a huge storm and this adds tremendously to the sense if tension. It’s a must read and one for your Christmas stockings perhaps?
+++++Finally, I wanted to tease you that we are in talks with another author about a possible series of books. Until next time, keep it Near to the Knuckle folks.




What inspired me to write?
When I was twelve years old I stumbled on a copy of Skeleton Crew, a collection of short stories by Stephen King. I have never been a real fan of the horror genre, but one story resonated with me. Survivor Type about a junkie surgeon who is stranded on an island and is forced to cut off and eat parts of his body to stay alive. That kind of brutal story telling stayed with me all these years and influenced how I write today..
What am I working on now?
I am currently about 30k in on a novella about an low level enforcer working for a crime family in Charleston SC who has a psychotic break and starts to see visions of the people he has killed. It is a study in the downward spiral of self destruction brought on by guilt and self loathing. Real cheery stuff.
My favourite author?
This is always changing, but right now I would have to say it is Joe Lansdale. He has a unique way of capturing the dark undercurrent in small town rural life that I could only hope to grasp one day.
My writing environment?
My writing space is very sparse. I have a room dedicated to writing where there is a desk and a chair and a laptop. There is the ever present stack of books to be read and the growing stack of books I have been published in. I don't listen to music very often, but when I do it is the Black Keys. I have a poster on the wall directly behind my desk of Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. It is the shot where he is aiming the revolver at the viewer. I taped a text bubble above his head that reads. "Write Motherfucker!!!" So I really do have a gun to my head every time I sit down to work.


It was very difficult to come up with a winner as all the entrants Craig Furchtenichtwere strong candidates.  We ended up with a tie and had an impartial judicator to choose out of the two remaining stories.  Thank you Liz Barnsley!
+++++A personalised mug and a copy of Rogue & Gloves Off will be on their way to you soon!