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I See You

Listen instead!
Listen instead!

“Please, do not touch the bones,” the zealous tour guide called, her Spanish accent more pronounced as she raised her voice. Willie snapped his hand back shamefully from under the railing and the tour guide continued with her over rehearsed presentation detailing the history of The Medieval Ossuary in Wamba.
+++++It was dusk, the final tour of the day, and the night shadow crept slowly over the Ossuary stealing the last shard of light from the crypt portraying its unsympathetic elegance, capturing the essence through the discarded bones and skulls; a labyrinth of souls.
+++++Willie sighed, hands at his sides drawing circles with the tip of his shoes on the dusty floor of the crypt.
+++++A flicker of light caught Willie’s eye. Curious, he parted company with his parents, still enthralled in the exhibition did not notice his absence.
+++++Dazzled by its opalescence he stood in front of the unusual skull. Scanning the skull it It did not appear to be as matured as the others which lay in disarray, grey and fossil like.
+++++“Ok now if you could all follow me please,” the guide called as she walked slowly towards the exit followed closely by the tour group.
+++++“Come on William” His mother called but to Willie, the sound of his mother’s calls, muffled as he remained frozen, fixated, staring deep into the eyes of the skull as it did him, boring into his soul.
+++++Willie unable to move felt an irresistible pull as he leaned in further staring deep into the eyes of the skull.
+++++At first there was nothing but darkness, a bottomless pit deep within the sockets of the skull. Willie closed his eyes tightly, snapping them open hoping to tear himself away from its trance only to find himself floating in the void. His cries echoed as he called for his mother, anxiety his only solace.
+++++A distant cry distracted Willie and he began to float silently desperately listening, seeking the voice he thought he had heard in the darkness. He was not alone.
+++++A multitude of voices weeping in the darkness “sorry” the voices sobbed.
+++++Lights appeared all around Willie turning the darkness into an elliptical galaxy.
+++++The pins of light drew closer and Willie saw that they were not lights at all.
+++++Willie’s eyes welled once more as he was confronted with hundreds of souls, crying, tormented, alone, pleading into the abyss.
+++++Willie felt another pull, similar to before and he started floating rapidly toward an object so bright forcing him to squint.
+++++Willie gasped as he finally came to a halt, recognising the skull in front of him, from the crypt.
+++++Wiping away his tears, his vision once again clear he looked into the eyes of the skull to see that its eyes were no longer empty, they were very much alive and familiar for Willie was looking into his own eyes or at least a reflection.
+++++Willie blinked and the eyes of the skull blinked also but when it opened its eyes images started flashing within them. Images of his life so far.
+++++Panic filled Willie as the images before him were not those of happy times but those of deceit. Every little wrong doing, every lie he had ever told or hurtful word he had uttered came flooding to the surface and Willie felt consumed with guilt and remorse. Willie watching the horror story of his life being played out in front of his very eyes sobbed and then, the images stopped, the skulls eyes returned to black pits within the skull and then – there was nothing.
+++++The room became alive with the flash of a light and Willie jumped banging his head on the rail.
+++++“Hey kid, you ok?”
+++++Rubbing the crown of his head Willie looked around the room puzzled for he had no memory of the last few minutes of his life.
+++++Willie looking up scanned the stranger who’d appeared at his side. Willie smiled at the stranger, his leather worn boots, tattered levis, checked shirt and cowboy hat evoking joy.
+++++“Son, are you ok?”
+++++“Are you a real cowboy?” Willie asked in wonder.
+++++The man’s boots squeaked as he knelt down, face to face with Willie
+++++“I sure am, buckaroo”
+++++“Wow” Willie stood, mouth gaping.
+++++“You know, you should be careful,” the cowboy said, tilting his hat up revealing brilliant blue eyes.
+++++“William,” Willie’s mother stood at the entrance to the crypt, her eyes filled with equal measures of relief and rage “Oh god, there you are, get here now!” she demanded.
+++++“Go on now,” the cowboy patted William on the back and turned to face the skull and bones.
+++++William reached his mother and turned back to look at the cowboy once more but he was nowhere to be seen. The cowboy had vanished, all except for his hat which lay, at the side of the railings
+++++Releasing himself from his mother’s grip William ran to the hat picking it up and dusting it off.
+++++A cowboy cannot be without his hat Willie innocently thought as his eyes scanned the crypt frantically wanting to give the hat back.
+++++“Where did you get this?” his mother demanded snatching it out of his hands.
+++++Willie turned with a strange feeling of dread as he looked to the skull’s brilliant blue eyes
+++++“He went there mummy” Willie said, pointing into the eyes of the skull.
+++++“Come on it’s time to go,” sighed his mother leading Willie, still clutching the cowboy’s hat, out of the crypt.
+++++“What does that mean?” one of the tourists asked pointing to a sign above the exit to the Ossuary”
+++++“As you see yourself, I saw myself too. As you see me, you will see yourself. Everything ends in this. Think about it and you won’t fall into sin.” The guide recited “It means never look into the eyes of the dead unless you are without sin as all could end with this”