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Lights, Camera, Action

Fifty grand was riding on Burris Sandoval’s first movie. It had to be perfect. He’d met a wealthy Canadian at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas. The guy wanted rough stuff. Burris offered five murders on video for 50 Gs. The Canadian agreed to pay upon completion. Burris planned to keep 45 grand. As far as Garrett knew, they were splitting 10 Gs down the middle.
+++++“Get in here, Garrett!” Burris activated the final camera on his surveillance software. He’d spent the morning hiding cameras throughout the building. His laptop monitor showed views of five apartments. Burris zoomed in on apartment 6’s bed, zoomed out. Perfect. He grinned. Number 6 goes first.
+++++Garrett Nguyen appeared in the doorway wearing only a black leather S&M mask and floral board shorts. “Check this shit out.” He pointed at the mask. “Badass, right?”
+++++“Stop fucking around and get ready.” Burris checked his plastic Timex. “The dyke in apartment 6 will be home soon”
+++++“This manager dude’s a fucking creep, bro. This dump is crawling with dildos.”
+++++“Get your head out of your ass, Garrett.”
+++++“Chill, bro.”
+++++“Put on your coveralls,” Burris said. He slapped a butt plug from the foot of the manager’s bed. It bounced off the manager’s broken, purple body, crammed between the bed and wall, and rolled under the dresser. Burris sat on the bed. Its springs screeched. He glared at Garrett. “Are we murdering bitches, or going to the fucking beach?” He snatched a trench knife from the bed and unsheathed it.
+++++Garrett cocked his head and hesitated. “Murdering bitches?”
+++++Burris examined the blade. “Get dressed and get your ass in 6.”
+++++“I am dressed,” Garrett said, rubbing his bare stomach.
+++++Burris gawked.
+++++“I’m rockin’ these shorts, bro.” Garrett raised his right arm and flexed his bicep. “I wanna show off the bod.” He sniffed his armpit and recoiled. “Whoa.”
+++++Burris sheathed the knife and checked his watch. “Put on your fucking shoes and get moving.” He handed Garret the knife.
+++++“Can I wear the mask?” Garrett said, slipping on a pair of orange Crocs.
+++++“Just go.”
+++++“Fuck yeah.” Garrett zipped the mask’s mouth shut.
+++++“You got fifteen minutes to dissect that cunt.” Burris pulled the manager’s keys from his Wranglers and tossed them to Garrett. “Then hit apartment 3. The others go later. Got it?”
+++++“Number 6 for fifteen. Brutality. Murder. Then number 3.” Garrett sighed. “I got it.”
+++++“Now, git!” Burris said. Garrett shambled out of the apartment.
+++++Burris clicked on apartment 6’s living room. He clicked record.
+++++When Burris had studied the residents’ movements for a day, he felt a simmering hatred for the bitch in apartment 6. Looking at her was like chewing tinfoil. At the time, it was hard for Burris to pinpoint a specific reason because Garrett distracted him for most of the stakeout with his usual nonsense. Burris came away knowing only that he wanted her dead. Even without the movie.
+++++Garrett trundled through apartment 6’s living room. Burris clicked on the bedroom. Garrett shuffled in, slashing the air with the knife. He stopped, waved at the hidden camera, and slipped into the closet.
+++++Burris checked his watch. Any minute now. He clicked on the living room and punched his left palm. What was it about this bitch? Was it her shit-brown sedan? Her battleship-gray pantsuit and flats? Her mullet? Chicks don’t dress like that. Dykes dress like that.
+++++Outside, a car door slammed. Apartment 6’s door opened. A woman wearing a navy blue pantsuit entered.
+++++“Lights. Camera,” Burris said and leaned forward, clenching his jaw. “Action!”
+++++She kicked off her flats by the couch and headed for the bedroom, unbuttoning her suit jacket.
+++++Burris wanted to reach through the screen and choke her until she pissed. He clicked on the bedroom.
+++++She walked in tossed her jacket on the bed.
+++++Only dykes, Burris thought. He zoomed in. He wanted to see her face when Garrett gutted her. Instead he saw a badge and a holstered Glock on her belt.
+++++Garrett burst from the closet across the room and paused for dramatic effect.
+++++She drew her pistol.
+++++Burris deflated. “Dykes and detectives,” he mumbled, his words drowned in gun shot.