Author: Michael O'Keefe

Michael O’Keefe is a retired 1st Grade Detective from the NYPD. For twenty-four years, He worked in the toughest neighborhoods in New York, specializing in homicides and other violent crime. He was born and raised in the neighborhoods he likes to write about, where he encountered the colorful characters on both sides of the law who appear in his fiction. He has written two novels and is at work on a third for which he is seeking publication. His debut novel, Shot to Pieces, premiered in early July. Dabbling in poetry, he has had several poems published in the on-line and print magazines The Raven’s Perch, and The Bard’s Initiative. In addition, his first book of collected poems is due for publication shortly by Long Island Gems Press. He likes retirement, but he loved homicide investigation. He would still be doing it if he hadn’t been injured in the line of duty and disabled. He now lives on Long Island with his family, where he writes a little, coaches football, and practices the ancient martial arts of swimming pool and lawn maintenance.